GHA911 – All active ARES® members must register

Dear ​Georgia ARES® members . . .

​All Georgia ARES® members​ are required​ to register with 

There’s a huge advantage to those who register for GHA911 . . .
You’ll be included in the Everbridge Mass Notification System.

Non-members must not register for GHA911 until they join ARES®.

Because all active ARES® members in our district​ ​and state are required to​ register with, any ARES® member who fails to register for GHA911 may be assigned to inactive status in ARES®.

Registering on is amazingly easy and extremely quick to do if you follow the 3 instructions below.
Please register NOW if you have not already done so.

Please follow these directions to register for GHA911:​
  1. Click this link:
    1. A new tab or page will open for
    2. On the right side of this page is a “REGISTER NOW” box.​​ ​Click that box.
  2. In the next screen, type ARES in the “Find Your Organization” then click on “Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)”.  Do not click on East Central District ARES.  “Click Continue” toward the bottom
  3. The next page is titled “Account Information.”  Fill in all information paying special attention to the 3 bullet points immediately below.
    1. Be sure to check the box for “Send WebEOC Alerts to Cell Phone”
    2. Put your contact information in  –  in place of the address that is already there.
    3. The last item is “Job Category.”  Please choose “Volunteer Services”

Soon after you complete your registration, a GA State ARES® official will register you for the Everbridge Mass Notification System

The Everbridge Mass Notification System lets all of us know by way of (1) email, (2)text messages and/or (3) a phone call when:
  • it’s time to prepare yourself, your family and your property for an incident
  • it’s time to monitor the 147.12 repeater (+600 KHz offset, 71.9 Hz sub-audible tone required)
  • it’s time to get your go kit ready to deploy
  • it’s time to deploy to your pre-assigned duty station or other maybe even another location
  • it’s time to stand down

The ​Everbridge Mass Notification ​System ​enables the Georgia State-wide ARES® leadership to send email and cell phone text notifications to individuals or groups.

If the Internet and cell phones appear to not be working, you may not receive a communique from the Everbridge Mass Notification System.
In this instance, all ARES® members are requested to:

  • Tune first to the 147.12 repeater (+600 KHz offset, 71.9 Hz sub-audible tone required)
  • If the 147.12 repeater is not working, tune your VHF radio to 147.12 simplex and use the maximum power possible

Remember phone trees?  Hopefully, there will be no more “phone trees”!​

For those persons interested, a webinar class of about 2 hours is offered a couple of times each month for learning more about the site and how it works.  I am attaching links for the next couple of classes.  You need to register prior to the class if you are interested or in one of the positions mentioned below.  At this time, there is no indication that “rank and file” ARES® members need to do this training, but I recommend it for ADECs, ECs, AECs, & Hospital Team Leaders.
Click here to register

There will be two more opportunities to get this training in July, in August, etc. if these dates & times are inconvenient.


By the way, we are still looking for Emergency Coordinators in several of our counties including:

  1. Glascock
  2. Hancock
  3. Jefferson
  4. Lincoln
  5. McDuffie
  6. Talliaferro
  7. Warren
  8. Wilkes

My best, John MacDonald, K4BR
District Emergency Coordinator, East Central GA District, Georgia ARES®